The Creative Works Project

Northern Cheyenne Tribal singers and drummers, along with school age children from The Lippman School and the Akron community, will perform original musical and dance pieces as part of The Creative Works Project under the guidance of artistic director Brian Murphy. Mr. Murphy is a well-known professional dancer and choreographer in the Akron community, co-creator of The Creative Works Project workshops and artistic director for The Lippman School.

Another highlight of the evening is Otto Braided Hair, joined by other tribal drummers and singers, will perform traditional songs as Northern Cheyenne students dance in authentic tribal dress.

This series of workshops was designed to introduce students to local area professional dancers and musicians with the purpose of creating original musical pieces followed by a public performance.

The seeds for the Creative Works Project were sown earlier this year when Sam Chestnut, Head of The Lippman School, partnered with Murphy to create the first workshop which was hosted at the Akron Art Museum in collaboration with Murphy.

The Creative Works Project would not be possible without the support of the Akron School of the Arts Firestone Dance Department, University of Akron Dance Institute, Child’s Guidance Services, Summit Choir Society, Northern Cheyenne Nation, NEOS Dance Theatre and musician Shay Goldenberg. Thank you to our generous private donors for their support.


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