Judaic Studies and Hebrew

The Judaic Studies and Hebrew area of focus incorporates an understanding of, and appreciation for, the richness of Jewish life. We welcome and embrace interfaith families.

Students are offered both formal and informal learning experiences in observances of holidays, Hebrew language, Torah, prayer, history (biblical to modern) and a study of Israel. Our curriculum teaches the values and ethics of Judaic life, details the observance of mitzvot and traditions, and cultivates a respect for the different expressions of Judaism.

Through "hands-on" learning experiences, the goal of this focus is to strengthen Judaic identity, ground students in the Jewish tradition, and enhance children's spirituality, pride, and leadership within the global Judaic community and the State of Israel.

Hebrew will be taught through a multi-faceted, individualized approach to learning with an emphasis on speaking the language. It will also be integrated throughout the Judaic Studies curriculum (i.e. holiday and Torah studies). The students will be exposed to various interpretations and commentaries on the Torah and enjoy opportunities to participate meaningfully in prayer.

Judaic Studies

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